Sweet Release by Raven Schley

Sweet Release by Raven Schley

At the end of every day

There is only this:


And letting go.


This has been my greatest lesson so far as a budding adult and also as someone who is often very anxiety prone. I’ve found that my balance and stability come from reminding myself on a constant basis that all of these feelings, these thoughts, these challenges, and these moments of uncertainty are ephemeral. They may seem like they will last forever, but the bigger picture is that they won’t.  So instead of fighting against what is happening, I learn to make peace with it and go with the flow of what life hands me.

My current post-graduation experience has probably been the best example of this.  Like many others in my graduate program at The New School, I received my degree with excitement and set out into the world eager to make my mark. However, as I settled into my new post-grad routine, I realized that things do not always work out as seamlessly as we plan for them to.  While my head and heart were ready to blaze full speed ahead, I was greeted instead with stagnancy, which in many ways is one of my biggest fears. Stillness is not something that comes easily to me, but here I was anyway having to learn how to navigate this new pace of life.

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